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Win with bingo at Wintingo

Originally called beano, bingo is an all-time favorite casino casual game of luck. It is played by matching the numbers you have been given on a sheet with the numbers drawn out randomly by the casino. Players win by matching and checking off a row, column, or diagonal line of numbers that are drawn out.

What’s the big deal about bingo?

  • Playing multiple tickets at a time will increase your chances of winning
  • Bingo tickets were used by the Germans in the 1800s as an educational tool, which was designed to assist students with multiplication tables
  • According to Southampton University, bingo players are more mentally agile than non-bingo players
  • Bingo is shown to reduce stress
  • Bingo is the number one fundraiser game for charities across the world
  • Apparently, the queen and Prince William are avid fans of bingo
  • According to a study, women by the name of Margaret are more likely to win at bingo than any other name

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Cool facts about bingo

  • Have you ever wondered how many bingo combinations there are? One calculation says the number of possible cards is 552,446,474,061,128,648,601,600,000!
  • When considering all the possible combinations in bingo, there are actually 1,474,200 ways to win!
  • Legend has it that the word bingo is derived from a woman yelling out beano too quickly, which was then interpreted as bingo
  • The world of bingo is dominated by women. According to a study, 80% of bingo players are female
  • Online bingo uses random number generators to choose numbers, making the draw as fair and random as possible

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