Progressive Jackpot Slots

All the slot games at Wintingo are hugely enjoyable, with impressive graphics that will catch your attention and special features and payouts that will hold it. The rewards with progressive jackpot slots are, however, in a league of their own.

What Makes Progressive Jackpot Slots Special?

Progressive jackpots can be attached to classic or video virtual slot machines, and the games play out as normal. The difference is that the progressive jackpot is constantly growing in the background, added to with a portion of every bet made by every player on the progressive jackpot network. With so many people playing the game, this builds into a huge amount very quickly.

Progressive jackpot payouts are much larger than any casino bonus or regular win could ever be, and often run to several million! The total is almost always displayed along the top of the reels, so you can watch it mounting as you play, and feel your adrenaline levels doing the same.

How Are Progressive Jackpots Awarded?

Progressive jackpots can be attached to other casino games, and you will see them on a few others at Wintingo Casino, but they are predominantly found in online slots games. They can be triggered at random, or when specific symbols line up along particular, activated paylines.

Progressive jackpots can also be awarded as soon as they’ve been activated, or only after you’ve completed a few side games. The payouts requiring some side game action are usually attached to video rather than classic slots, which are far more involved in general.

In these situations, there will often be a few smaller jackpots as well as the top-tier progressive jackpot, and how well you do in the side games will determine which prize you get. As soon as the progressive jackpot is won, it is reset to its minimum amount and starts growing again.

Progressive Jackpot Slot Games at Wintingo

The progressive jackpot slots offered at our casino are developed by many of the greatest online gambling software specialists in the world, all featuring high-quality graphics and flawless functionality. From the detailed storyline in Mega Moolah to the simpler, classic-inspired spinning in Cash Splash, there are progressive jackpot games that will suit the taste of every online slots enthusiast..

The great thing about our progressive jackpot slots is that they are of such high quality that they can be enjoyed even when a progressive jackpot is not triggered. Being as enormous as they are, these prizes are not activated that often, but there are plenty of regular rewards to play for as you spin reels and enjoy all the pleasures of a well-crafted slots game.

The fact that you could win a jaw-dropping amount of money at any time just adds even more layers of excitement to online casino games that are already fantastic, making them perfect when you’re in an especially thrill-seeking mood. If you’re lucky enough to trigger and win a progressive jackpot in a slots game, your life really will never be the same again.